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The Smart Way for Groups to Book Accommodation Online!

  • 'Pay No booking Deposit' - Just confirm booking with Hotel
  • Get the very best GROUP DEALS direct from hotels & hostels in the area you choose
  • Select which hotels & hostels you want to get GROUP DEALS from
  • All sorts of GROUPS – Sport, Leisure, Business, Pleasure & Families

How It Works

When Accommodation Providers Bid for your Booking You Get the Best Deals with Trazoo

1 Request

Create your request and allow time for providers to create an offer

To get the ball rolling, just enter details of where you want to go, when and why.

Set the timeframe for offers to be received from accommodation providers e.g 24 hours!

2 Relax

Relax! Accommodation providers are creating a tailored
offer for you

Now, put your feet up and relax for at least 24 hours. Have a cuppa, call a friend, or mow the lawn!!.... The accommodation providers in your chosen area are now busy trying to tailor their best offer for your group!

3 Review

Login and review the offers you have received

Trazoo will email you once your offers are ready. Log in to your account and you can review the offers made for your group booking, one by one.

4 Trazoo

Choose the best offer and book your Trazoo deal

Once you've decided on the offer that suits your group you can confirm the booking with Trazoo. A small deposit secures everything.

Congratulations, you've just Trazooed!!

Have any more questions? Check out our FAQs...